Martin Lewis

Martin Lewis (1881 - 1962) ausztralian artist. In 1900, Lewis left Australia for the United States and learned from Edward Hopper the basics of etching

Night in New York, 1926
etching paper
215 × 226 mm

Exhibition: Mihály Csiby

Mihály Csiby ex libris exhibition at Országos Széchenyi Könyvtár before the Plakát- és Kisnyomtatványtár 4 april 2012. 17 o'clock.

Országos Széchenyi Könyvtár
before the Plakát- és Kisnyomtatványtár
Budavári palota F building

4 april - 10 september 2012
Open: Tuesday - Saturday 10:00 - 18:00

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Gyula Rudnay

Gyula Rudnay (1878 - 1957) Kossuth-prize hungarian painter, graphic artist, teacher. He started to resuscitation the hungarian tradition in his oeuvre. These etchings are less well known to the audition.

Sunset, 1950
etching, paper
155 × 233 mm