István Dési Huber

Dési Huber István (1895 - 1944) Kossuth prize hungarian painter graphic artist. The etching technique taught by Bela Kron. He had a dramatic effect of Vincent van Gogh's painting on him. His art is a connecting of Derkovits's expressionism and the expressive realism of Alföldi school .

Around and around, 1928
etching, paper
275 × 185 mm

Hidden object puzzle

In the big pack certainly lost some things. You can help to find them!

First Where's the coffee maker?
Second Where was the purse?
Third Where is the medallion?

(The reward for good solvers to be really thorough watch engraving of Csaba Rékassy.)

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The Koller Gallery's 60th anniversary

In 2013 our Gallery celebrates its 60th anniversary. In 1953 György Koller founded the "Association of Etchers", which became - after the change of the political system - the first private gallery in Hungary, as the Koller Gallery in 1989. For this occasion, the gallery is preparing a special program for the whole year. Each month there is a graphic exhibition at the Buda Vastle.

1014 Budapest,
Táncsics Mihály utca 5 (Budai Vár)
tel: +36 1 356 9208

Every day 10-18 o'clock, Summer vacation: 19 July - 31 July

Thank you for the image to the gallery!

Budapest, Budapest, you miracle

Vladimir Szabó: Ferenciek square
etching, paper
220 × 350 mm

Dóra Keresztes - István Orosz

Dóra Keresztes and István Orosz exhibition at the győri Városi Művészeti Múzeum,  Esterházy-palota. Near the Múzeumház (Bécsi kapu tér 4.) starts an exhibition of István Orosz's posters.

Győri Városi Művészeti Múzeum
Győr, Király utca 17.

1st december 2012. - 20th janury 2013

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Ex libris of Jenő Haranghy

Book of Pinterits Tibor
szajnaparti könyvárus, 1931
Line block (cliché), paper
96 × 80 mm

Most of the Ex Libris has made the recognizable "Haranghy-style" which detailed, rich ornamentics and architectural framing.

Online catalogue (pdf) in hungarian: