Happy New Year

I wish Happy and Lucky New Year to my readers!

Antal Fery
BÚÉK - Réthy István, 1965
woodcut, paper

Image source: ganymedes.lib.unideb.hu

Merry Christmas!

Lajos Szalay
Kings of Betlehem, 1980
ink, paper

Attila József

Little Jesus, God bless Thee, God bless Thee,
Royal kings we are all three.
Above us shone a blazing star,
on foot we’ve come from very far.
A little lamb so surely said
that Jesus Christ lay here in bed.
My name is King Melchior.
Help me, help me, my dear Lord.

Good day to you, Son of God, Son of God,
Silly old priests we are not.
News of your birth has travelled far,
King of the poor we’ve heard you are.
Hence our little visitation,
heaven’s kingdom’s our salvation.
My name’s Jasper and I think
I’m a kind of worldly king.

Greetings to you, Saviour, Saviour,
Our land is much sunnier.
All our sausage we have eaten,
our fine boots look weatherbeaten,
six handfuls of gold we have got,
also incense in a big pot.
King Balthazar, yes, that’s me:
The Saracen of the three.

Flushes-blushes sweet Mary, sweet Mary,
little mother she’s happy.
Casting down her eyes she peers
at her Jesus through her tears;
hear the shepherds’ music-playing,
feeding time bears no delaying.
Kindly three kings make your bow,
I must bid you farewell now.

Sadler, John P.


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St. Nicolas

Albrecht Dürer
Hortulus Animae - St. Nicolas, 1490-94
woodcut, paper

Iamge source: http://www.stnicholascenter.org/pages/collects/

Interesting technique

Interesting technique, thread-like fibers entangled into each other. Nice. You can try it!

Gyula Komjáti Wanyerka
Wheatcrosses (Búzakeresztek), 1927
etching, paper
152 × 225 mm

Image source: www.mke.hu