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József Koszta

József Koszta (1861 - 1949) Kossuth-prize hungarian painter, member of the Alföld School (Painters of the Alföld). He also made some etchings. I just find this one.

etching, aquatint, paper
225 × 285 mm

 source: axioart.hu

Graphic education at
the College of Arts and Crafts

A little history about the new College of arts and Crafts after the war. This year Konecsni György has started the applied arts department. Valueable document about hungarian artists and education.

Teachers of College of Arts and Crafts in 1946:
Kozma Lajos - director
Konecsni György - teacher of applied arts
Hincz Gyula
Borsos Miklós
Miháltz Pál

Famous students
Kass János
Feledy Gyula
Gross Arnold
Reich Károly

(only in hungarian)

The graphic artists perfectiong their knowledge at the College of Applied Arts under the direction of great masters.
(Budapest,  march 1946)

Video source: filmhiradok.nava.hu

Ex libris

Ex libris, 2012
etching, paper
55 x 100 mm

M.C. Escher

Dokumentary about M.C. Escher