Jorge Castillo

Jorge Castillo painter, graphic artist. In 1948 he began an apprenticeship in technical drawing and educated himself autodidactically. With his move to Geneva in 1966 he had the opportunity to work with printed graphics. His most important etching sequences such as "El mundo de Frederico García Lorca"  and "Grands amants"

ca 2, 1973
etching, aquatint, paper
490 × 400 mm

Károly Jurida

Károly Jurida (1935 - 2009) hungarian graphic artist. His master was Hincz Gyula. Active member of the Young Artists' Studio. In 1964-ben the Exlibris Friends (Kisgrafika Barátok Köre) issued a 12 page book with his small etchings. In 1971 he was paticipate the National Venice Graphic Biennale. He has illustrated books. Great master of graphic techniques. Typically figural, but visionary, imaginative artist.

Cricketmusic, 1977
linoprint, paper
330 × 330 mm

Exhibition: Ex libris - From woodcut to computer graphic

Few days remain from the exhibition which opened at the sümegi Püspöki Palace 19th may. The exhibition is from the collection of Krajcsi Tiborné and Kundermann Jenő.

Püspöki PalotaSümeg
Szent István tér 8. First floor

End of june 2012. at the opening ours of the Püspöki Palota: Thuesday to Friday 9-17, Saturday and Sunday 10-17.




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Jónás Bubenka

Jónás Bubenka (17. century) hungarian woodcutter, one of the geatest hungarian artist of the XVII. century, although the printmakeing were practiced only by occupation. He illustrated with 152 nice woodcut Comenius Amos's 1679 published Orbis Pictus children's book.

The first an last picture of the book is the same, a decent-looking hungarian man who teach a hungarian dressed boy. In the distance the towers of Lőcse.

Béla Kondor

Mária Sziklás: At Béla Kondor's studio
photo, paper

Image source:

István Boldizsár

István Boldizsár (1897 - 1984) hungarian painter, printmaker. He learned etching at Sándor Kubinyi's school, then Valér Ferenczy, Károly Patkó and he familiarize the technique with the nagybányai artists. In  Rome 1928 he has a representative exhibition from a selection of his etchings, he has a great success.

End of the village
etching, paper
310 × 400 mm

artist of the Month: Gyula Feledy

Gyula Feledy Kossuth-prize graphic artist, painter, honorable and great artist. Main caracter of the new graphic generation at the 1950's. He was initiated the Miskolci Graphic Workshop and the Hungarian Graphic Biennale series.

„In my work has a literary influence,… I was inspired that the overriding philosophy of art is it's own literature, but I think that it the opportunities for artists as well ... "
(Feledy Gyula)

Ex Libris entries

More than 220 entries were sent at Benedek Elek Debreceni Városi Könyvtár's Ex Libris contest.

You can view the works here: Ex Libris entries